T.L.C. Animal Hospital Boarding
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Welcome to the Bed & Biscuit!

T.L.C. Animal Hospital offers its own version of lodging for your dogs and cats… It’s Bed & Biscuit Boarding! Since opening its doors in 2001, the Bed & Biscuit has provided boarding services to many of our patients. All pets that stay at our facility receive the same loving and attentive care that we would give to our own pets and tons of TLC!

All boarders have access to water at all times and are fed based on your instructions. We feed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Formula to all of our boarders unless otherwise specified. Although we do provide food for our boarders at no additional cost to you, we welcome you to bring your pet’s food from home—especially if he or she is known to be a picky eater or if they are on a prescription diet. Please note that there will be an additional fee if your pet requires any alternative diets to encourage eating while boarding.

Aside from boarding services, the Bed & Biscuit also offers day board, playtime and bathing services. For more information, tours, or to make a reservation, stop on by or give us a call and we will be happy to help yo



We specialize in geriatric and medical boarding! At TLC, our team is specially trained to deliver exceptional care to dogs and cats beyond basic boarding. This service is available for pets that are physically restricted and/or have medical conditions that make it difficult for them to stay at general boarding facilities. Read more about our Senior Wellness Care Program.

All dogs are walked at least three times a day and additional playtime is available for an additional fee. Adaptil Diffusers strategically placed throughout our dog rooms help to create a soothing and relaxing experience for all of our canine guests and reduce stress caused from being away from home. 

In addition to beds and mats, Pet Cots are offered to all of the canine companions in our care. Unlike regular bedding which has been known to clump and become uneven, Pet Cots evenly distribute your pet’s weight and relieve stress on the joints. The raised design protects pets from excessive cold, heat & moisture and yet is low enough to the ground to allow older pets to climb step easily on and off the cot. 

For availability and pricing information, please contact us at 281-282-9944


Aside from boarding for dogs, the Bed & Biscuit also offers spacious accommodations for cats. Our feline suites are in their own room, away from the dogs that are staying in our care, so that the cats can relax is a peaceful, quiet environment and allows them to feel the least amount of stress as possible while they are away from home. All cats are cared for twice a day and Feliway diffusers release pheromones into the air that help to naturally relax the cats and create a calm and stress free environment for all kitties in our care. Playtimes, which allow your pet to have additional interaction and attention, are also optional when requested (for an additional charge).


1 cat/suite $22/night
1 cat/2 suites $34/night
2 cats/2 suites  $44/night


Boarding Policies:
For the safety of all of our patients, we require that all of our boarders be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and have had a negative fecal within the last year. Isolation accommodations are available (for an additional charge) for pets who are not vaccinated in accordance with our policy.

All boarders must also be up to date on flea prevention (applied or administered within the last 30 days). Any pets not current on flea prevention will be treated upon entry at their owner's expense.

All belongings from home should be clearly labeled with the pet’s first and last names. T.L.C. Animal Hospital and the Bed & Biscuit will not be held responsible for lost items and any large bedding will not be accepted.

Please note that there will be a $10 peak boarding fee for all boarders who are boarding during holidays and Spring Break.

All boarders that require a bath while boarding for hygienic purposes will be charged a $10 fee.