Bed & Biscuit Bathing!

Along with boarding and medical services, we also happily offer bathing services! Let us take care of the mess for you. We have a large, walk-in tub available so we can bathe them all – big or small! We have a variety of shampoos and conditioners available for our baths (all of which smell absolutely amazing!). Our staff will choose what is best for your pet based on their breed, coat, and skin type. All of our shampoos are soap free. We also take special precautions if your pet uses a topical parasite preventative so that it does not get stripped off during the bath. All pets that are here for baths are given the same love, care, and attention as our boarders.

Fear Free

Concerned about your pet being stressed while here? Not to worry! All of our bathing services are performed using Fear Free techniques. Our staff has been trained to understand the different signs of fear, anxiety, and stress. If your pet starts to exhibit any of these, our staff will stop and re-group to find the best solution to complete the services requested. Whether it be taking breaks in between services, offering treats, or even rescheduling to a different day with some calming medications on board. We want every pet to have a pleasant experience with us!


Bath prices vary based on the size of the pet and coat length. We offer special rates for dogs or cats that require regular medicated baths for the treatment of skin conditions. There is no dayboarding fee for pets getting baths. Additional charges may apply for use of medicated shampoos and/or conditioners not supplied by the owner.


Standard Bath – Bath, basic brush out and cleaning of the ears

Deluxe Bath – Nail trim + dremel (grinding of the nails), anal gland expression, bath, brushing of the teeth, basic brush out, and ear cleaning

All dogs are sent home with a cute seasonal bandana and a spray of our Pet Silk Pet Cologne. You can decline these if you’d like, just let the receptionist know when your dog checks in.


Cat baths are based on coat length and include the following:  Bath, basic brush out, nail trim, bushing of the teeth, and ear cleaning

For safety reasons, we do not send cats home with bandanas.

Additional Services

  • Deluxe Brush Out – Perfect for dogs and cats that are matted or have tangles. Pricing varies based on the amount of time needed.
  • Deshedding Package – Brushing before and after the bath with a Furminator Deshedding Tool, bathing in the Furminator Shampoo, and a 10 minute soak in the Furminator Conditioner.
  • Ear Hair Plucking – Hairy ears giving your pup problems? We can take care of that! Calming medications may be required.
  • Hygienic Trims – Don’t be embarrassed to ask! We’re happy to clean up your pet’s “potty path”
  • Baths are also more than welcome to sign up for Playtimes! We’ll be sure to keep them clean, no worries!


Baths are available to all pets that are boarding, attending day camp, or dropping off for an appointment. Availability varies from day to day based on the amount of boarders staying with us and open kennels. Please call in advance to schedule. We ask that all pets being dropped off for baths be here no later than 11am on week days and no later than 10am on Saturdays. We do not offer baths on Sundays or on Holidays. If your pet is also being seen for medical reasons, their bath may be delayed until the veterinarian completes their exam. We will contact you when your pet is done and ready to go home.

Medical Requirements

Just like our boarders, we require that all pets here for bathing be fully vaccinated, have had a negative fecal within the past 6 months, and be current on flea prevention. Any pets not current on flea prevention will be treated upon entry at their owner’s expense.

All dogs must be current on their Rabies, DHPP and Bivalent Flu vaccines. Bordetella vaccines must be updated every 6 months. All cats must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

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